If you want a successful system, build
a strong post-launch management team

The single most important success factor for any BAM system is not the quality or capability of the platform itself, but the quality and focus of the team who supports it post-launch.

Having built and managed over 100 different BAM systems for companies across the spectrum, we know firsthand that a modest platform supported by an engaged, focused team will deliver far greater long-term value than a robust platform managed by a distracted team.

Whether it’s an internal, external, or blended team doesn’t matter. What does matter is listening to users, and applying consistent attention and review to keep a system relevant, compelling, and accurate. As soon as your site admins lose interest and focus, so will your users. It happens quickly, and it’s very hard to reverse. Because we know the importance of having a great team, and we know the challenges in keeping systems at least one step ahead of what users need, we offer a range of system management and support services to improve any site, and augment any brand, marketing, or communications team. The most common ways we’ve supported successful sites and systems include the following:

  • A virtual member of your team, remotely handling regular requests for maintenance and updates, and returning summaries of system activity, user trends, and recommendations
  • An on-demand resource when internal staff is overloaded
  • A monitor to conduct reviews or audits at specified intervals and provide alerts and recommendations about system performance and user behaviors

We also offer more specific services at various stages of building and managing a system. We’re comfortable and experienced working on BAM technology other than our own BrandFacets platform. Among the more specialized services we offer are the following:

  • Brand guidelines editing and optimization
  • Taxonomy and metadata development
  • Digital asset organization, import, optimization
  • System updates, edits, refreshes
  • User access audits and analysis
  • System analysis and recommendations
  • Employee brand education
  • Training and learning materials development
  • Launch communications and promotions development
  • Integration with SSO, Active Directory, or other SaaS applications
  • Project management
  • Vendor review and selection

It happened first with the Web, and now with social and mobile. As technology transitions from a novelty to a critical business component, companies move away from a “DIY” model that relies on internal staff, and toward a team of experts – from inside and outside the organization – to get the most from their investment. Brand asset management is navigating that transition right now. We’re certain we can find ways to immediately improve the system you already have in place, or the one you are looking to build. Let’s start a conversation and see what we can do to help make it a success.