Your brand is a precious gem

People are drawn to it. Each facet they see reveals more about its value.

BrandFacets is cloud software to help build deeper, more consistent connections between your brand and your employees, partners, and customers, and to strengthen what your brand means to them.

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Leaders in brand technology

Developed and backed by experts with experience building hundreds of brand sites and systems for the most recognized national and global brands. We were among the first to show brands how to successfully use technology to manage their brand and brand assets. Our experience and insight in brand asset management are unmatched. As the industry – and the importance of access to information – has evolved, so has our understanding and vision for what lies ahead. We're eager to make technology help you build a stronger brand.

Manage the right assets

We believe people are the most important brand asset. They should be the foundation of any brand management initiative. People who are engaged and educated about the brand – employees, partners, customers – have more value than any digital asset. They can have more positive impact on how a brand connects with other people.

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