BrandFacets is software to help any organization build, manage, and monitor how their brand is positioned and communicated.

Designed to expand and evolve over time, it fits almost any situation, transition, budget, and timeline. It's a brand operating system we custom tailor to match every aspect of your brand: the user experience, the content, the workflow, and even the support level we provide. All are defined by you. And it’s built from the ground up to work seamlessly on tablets and phones as well as laptops and desktops.

Built for brand-led companies who already know:

Companies of all sizes have trusted our team and technology to protect their brand's value.

Configuration Options:

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Different configurations and hosting programs are available to meet the needs of almost any brand-focused organization.

The core components of BrandFacets can be organized to store virtually any type of digital asset, and any type of content (i.e. text, video, PDF files, Word and Excel documents, etc). Although BrandFacets is typically the foundation of a Corporate Brand Center, it can also serve as a portal or hub for all marketing materials, and even for corporate procedures, policies, and HR documents. We can work with you to define requirements and design the best implementation plan for BrandFacets and your organization.


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Basis is the core of BrandFacets, with features to help any brand team build a world-class brand management community, including assets, guidelines, compliance tools, and access control.

  • User community. Brand sites should be a place for users to interact and share, not just an anonymous reference desk. Users can develop profiles, share information, and ask for feedback from other users.
  • Digital asset management. Keep track of any digital file. Group assets and files into any type of category. Import embedded metadata, and add whatever else is necessary. Build virtual asset collections or bundles to group related items together and simplify searching and downloading.
  • Smart brand standards. Save users from the scavenger hunt most brand sites force upon them. Instead, they'll easily find everything they need – standards, video, audio, examples, assets, and other users – to create on-brand projects quickly.
  • Access Control & Permissions. Group users into any number of segments, and define what each can and can't see, edit, or create. Get alerts if someone requests additional access.
  • Content and asset sharing. Distribute via email, BrandFacets microsites, or Dropbox, so anyone outside of the user community can still get the information they need.
  • Keyword search that works. Users get auto-suggested and popular terms, links to related topics and what others viewed. Specific keywords and phrases can force designated links to the top of the results list.
  • Support. System admins are available via email and phone, and from inside a BrandFacets site via text and voice chat. Knowledge base and FAQs are dynamically updated based on user questions and feedback.

Enhance BrandFacets Basis with a range of individual add-on modules to extend its power and versatility. Each module addresses a common challenge your brand and marketing departments may be dealing with right now. They can be added as part of the initial build, or in later phases.


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Dispatch gives brand and marketing managers a way to review and approve marketing materials before they are created and released into the market. Users upload examples and information about a proposed project, and your review team provides feedback and approval to proceed, or suggestions for how to improve the piece. The process can include budgeting and proposal components that pull from defined pricing charts and rules. Completed works can be cataloged as reference materials for future project requests and reviews, and the most effective examples can appear in a Best Practice gallery to inspire and educate users.


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Preform gives users without design skills or software an easy way to create high-quality, on-brand marketing materials. Works on any Web browser, even tablets, with just a few clicks. The system has your brand design standards and rules built into templates. Users can only change what you allow, pulling from defined libraries of text and visual assets. They can quickly and easily create customized materials, while you have peace of mind knowing the design and content standards will be met. What users create can be routed for approvals, or sent to a desktop printer, an in-house print facility, or an external print vendor.

Templates are easy to create from within the browser as well, with no design software or experience needed. Upload a PDF example, indicate which areas are locked and which can be customized, and what libraries can be used as source material. Then publish the template and users can begin creating.


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Backstage is how you manage, modify, and maintain the content in BrandFacets – all from within a browser, and from anywhere with internet access. Upload new assets, post new standards pages and examples, create new user groups, assign access permissions, and monitor user activity. Backstage is optional because some clients prefer to have Solve experts as part of their team, keeping a site updated with no additional burden on their already busy teams. It also helps reduce cost-of-entry for a system. If you have the resources to handle site management, Backstage gives you the flexibility to manage the site as often as you see fit.


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Engage helps companies educate and reinforce important concepts around corporate branding, mission, vision, policies and procedures, and to gauge employee attitudes, perceptions, and influence levels. The module can deliver video, audio, game-based exercises, surveys, and quizzes to deliver and measure employee engagement and attitudes. It can also turn the submitted responses and other materials into reference and training materials for future employees. It can also track progress and offer rewards and recognition to users who achieve defined milestones, or deliver great results.