We help managers of high-value brands build value and grow their business, with the help of technology and service offerings to increase marketing productivity and reduce costs.

Leverage what we've learned

We are the experts in this space. More than 16 years of success working with the world's most recognized brands, and the agencies that support them. We can show you the opportunities technology provides, but we also know the diverse reality and complexity inherent in managing global brands. All of which serves as reference material when we address your needs - whether it's a big project, or a simple tactical exercise.

Your tech partner who thinks like a CMO, not a CTO

We believe technology alone solves nothing. In our approach, human assets come first, then brand assets. Tech comes third, but only if it can help the first two be more effective in building the business. If not, it doesn’t belong.

Get made-to-order attention

Building and maintaining effective brand management technology requires nuance, subtlety, and flexibility. There are no shortcuts. Prepackaged or "easy bake" approaches can only achieve so much. Long-term success comes from a partner who can listen and translate your needs into adaptive solutions; things that can work for today, and evolve as quickly as the marketing landscape does.

No upsells, bloated teams, or trojan horses

This is what we do. We aren't part of a larger agency or holding company. We leverage the speed and value of collaborative technology to bring experts together into a virtual team. Get unmatched expertise and responsiveness without paying for overhead.

We make fast friends with IT

Most solutions we implment can't happen without some level of support from IT, so we've learned how to be their BFFs. We respect their challenges and priorities, and can demonstrate how our platform can fit their broader goals. And if needed, we have the skills to get in the weeds with them to help develop the most effective end result.

We play well with others

We're eager to partner with any agency, consultant, global office, or business unit you bring to the table. We are also big fans of finding the most effective path to any solution, regardless of who is on the team. If we note a specialized need in your situation, we may suggest agencies or partners we trust, who have a unique offering tailored to your need. Never an obligation, just our insight into helping get the most from what you have.


Mike Loehr

CEO / Co-founder

Mike is CEO and co-founder of Solve Digital Partners, where he helps clients develop more effective brand management processes, tools, and content, to improve compliance and ultimately boost brand value.

He’s designed and built award-winning brand management technology solutions for some of the most recognized global brands. With more than 16 years of experience, and 150+ installed systems for clients including GE, Deloitte, American Express, and Century21, he has an unmatched depth of knowledge and understanding of how a brand site should educate, inspire, and reward its users.

Matt Filby

Partner / Co-founder

Matt is a founding partner of Solve Digital Partners, where he continues his dedication to helping organizations find better ways to communicate and work in the digital world.

He has been a designer for over 20 years, focusing on Web application design and development since 2000. Matt’s dedication to creating intuitive user experiences and working with clients to create vision and conceive solutions has delighted a range of Fortune 500 companies. He has earned a few awards over the years, but finds satisfied clients to be a greater reward.